Thursday, June 4, 2009 DUGONG

aiseh si Dumi ni dah mcm Dugong gayanyerr...
Gedebab x hengat le..perut die sedap jek ditepok-tepok..hekkkhekkk~



He usually LOVES to sleep during the day (the whole day actually) under the bed,
and he LOVES to eat his meals at night..once a day is enuf for him.
I love him to bits! He's loyal and manja and needs no much attention coz he just enjoy being on his own without any disturbances.He loves his privacy...haha!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Cat Tree~

Aha skg nak update about the cats I now have in my home..
I used to have 4..EBam,Wawa,Dumi dan Alang.
This is Ebam.



And....yg plg notti dan manja..


Currently feeding on Blackwood.Wawa agak bermasalah sket skrg ni..bulu gugur byk sgt.
Tatau ape problem..bulu kucing gugur ada byk faktor..samada makanan x sesuai or stress or kutu or cacing (impossible sbb dah complete vaccine+deworm).
I'll soon find out..*sigh*

Ebam had been adopted to new owner in Bukit Tinggi..and am very satisfied with her commitment on Ebam.Ebam demam lepas kena amek tu..then this new owner,named Aina,bertungkus-lumus utk make Ebam better..and she did! Syabas!
Ebam is now happy and well under Aina's care^_^ Thank you,Aina..

sambung.... Psl Along..

Wahh sekarang da tukar,nama Oreo..^_^
Comel pulak nama itiew..sbb Along kan kaler die ala2 itam putey gitu kann.
Yaya jaga Along eh Oreo dengan baik..I'm really very satisfied!
Selalu jgk hantar mms Oreo tgh tdo,tgh main2..lega coz he's in good hands.
Lau x anta mms pun,me salu usha gamba2 Oreo kat facebook Yaya..
Thank you yaya!! ^_^